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CARE 2011 – 10,000 Women Strong Project March 11, 2011

Hello – As I gather my thoughts from an inspirational CARE 2011 National conference that took place in Washington, DC, please enjoy one of the many featured highlights of the experience! More on my thoughts to come!


New AGE Project coming to Ohio!!! March 6, 2011

♥Click here for more info: Threads of Our Fabric Project in Ohio!!!♥

April 16, 2011



“Agents of CHANGE” February 8, 2011

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Some people call me an idealist and borderline delusional optimist. Don’t get me wrong, I do not condone labelling people because I sincerely believe that they restrict and box one into a category. However, in this case I am quite happy to be called such…For I am thereby encouraged that there is growing awareness as I fiercely dream and pursue that which is right – Women and girls empowered to live and enjoy life!!! Environments made conducive for their growth and surplus opportunities for them to thrive. Women’s issues integrated into comprehensive national policies. Female leadership driving global agendas whether in the health, private, or business sectors.

Can you imagine a world where a significant risk factor for HIV, violence, maternal mortality, malnutrition, death etc…is NOT being born a girl…

TED a nonprofit that shares Big visions from true innovators in Technology, Entertainment, and Design, recently had the TEDWomen Conference in Washington D.C. Amazing women from all over the globe coming together to share their ideas, realities, and solutions on how to reshape the world. Check out what Hilary Clinton (U.S. Secretary of State) had to say on Empowering Girls – video.



Against All Odds February 2, 2011

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In an amazing bout, this past Saturday night a daughter of the soil gave her homeland another reason to hold its head up high and stand proud. One woman inspiring millions globally to always fight against all odds. Esther Phiri, 24 year old from Zambia became the Women’s International Boxing Association (WIBA) weltherweight champion in her hometown – Lusaka, Zambia. She is no stranger to throwing punches at whatever life brings her way. Fourth of eight children, only girl in her boxing program, a single mother at 16, and a struggling start to her career. However, training, dedication, and resiliency kept her competing from her first match on July 23, 2005 until her amazing feat this past weekend (January 29, 2011). I am quite certain that she probably endured some ridicule for entering a male profession.


Esther Phiri (Zambia)

Life’s journey will take us on paths that we never envisioned. Sometimes, the end of our circumstances or current conditions is nowhere in sight. However, like Esther, we can hold on to our dream, nurture the fiery hope within, and throw a K.O. punch right back! Life is yours make of it whatever you will…but don’t give up. Dare to Dream, Create, Live, and Inspire.  

Against all odds – Victory

Thank you Esther Phiri for your amazing accomplishment!


 It is truly awe-inspiring to see young African women embarking in untraditional career tracks. Having the courage to pursue their heart’s calling regardless of whether the world sees it as being “gender-appropriate”. Being fearless in living…