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CAMEROON: Lessons from the Kitchen | World Pulse June 10, 2011


World Pulse


CAMEROON: Lessons from the Kitchen | World Pulse




The Girl Effect – Global Development Movement January 21, 2011

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The Girl Effect videos  truly capture the urgency of NOW when talking about the future of girls globally. Meeting basic needs such as food, health, and education CAN change a life. I am fortunate that life’s circumstances have favored me. Along my journey there have been countless adopted mothers and big sisters, who have invested their time, energies, talents, and resources because they believed in the Who I was becoming…Can you imagine what would happen if women made a personal commitment to support 1 or 2 young ladies outside of their family or friend circles? I dont think it takes  much to make a difference. Sure money is always nice and has great utility – but the most valuable investment one can ever make is that of relationship. Be a mentor and role-model. A postive word has a powerful life giving force, restoring hope and strength when all else fades.

Reflection: Dont underestimate the power of that which seems so simple…