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“Sweet Mother” – Tribute to the Daughters of Africa! May 5, 2011

I have come to appreciate the NECESSITY of an event planner. The amount of coordination that has consumed my life the last few days has been intense and overwhelming to say the least. What motivates me to continue is that the occasion is a small tribute to GREAT women who tirelessly give of themselves daily without complaint – Sweet African Mothers…

Here is one of my classic tunes by Prince Nico Mbarga…”SWEET MOTHER”



EXTRA! EXTRA! Camer Spotlight… March 17, 2011

This sums up why I created the Threads of Our Fabric project…Enjoy!! (Click here).

Note: Stay tuned for very exciting news! The Threads of Our Fabric Project is going international 🙂


New AGE Project coming to Ohio!!! March 6, 2011

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April 16, 2011



In the Twenty-First Century???… February 10, 2011

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For most people, gathering with friends and family to watch the Super Bowl is an age-old typical American football tradition. Oftentimes, viewers can be categorized into one of three fan camps: 1) Those who support one of the two teams playing, 2) those whose team was eliminated at some point during the play-offs, or 3) those who are avid fans of the exclusive over-priced commercial premiers. Of the 111Million viewers, I was one of several cheering on my Steelers (yes I said it!),  hoping and silently praying for a victorious conclusion to a shaky start.

Along with the atypical heightened excitement during the Super Bowl weekend, cities hosting the Big Game often experience an exponential boost in local economy from temporary visitors’ increased consumer spending.

There is another activity that often goes unheard off, yet contributes to the cities’ coffers. I had no knowledge till I happen to land on MSNBC’s “Trafficked: Slavery in America“. There is a new kind of resurgence of slavery in America – Sex Trafficking. The Super Bowl actually is a magnet for its propagation. Check out the I’m Not Buying It campaign that is raising awareness of the trafficking of America’s children. It is shocking to think that there are minors in the mix of Traffick 911’s estimated 15,000 sex-workers in Dallas.  

Want more information or wondering how you can help? Please visit Not For Sale: End Human Trafficking and Slavery.

Preserve innocence and help children be just that…children…

Children Laughing – Benin

“Agents of CHANGE” February 8, 2011

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Some people call me an idealist and borderline delusional optimist. Don’t get me wrong, I do not condone labelling people because I sincerely believe that they restrict and box one into a category. However, in this case I am quite happy to be called such…For I am thereby encouraged that there is growing awareness as I fiercely dream and pursue that which is right – Women and girls empowered to live and enjoy life!!! Environments made conducive for their growth and surplus opportunities for them to thrive. Women’s issues integrated into comprehensive national policies. Female leadership driving global agendas whether in the health, private, or business sectors.

Can you imagine a world where a significant risk factor for HIV, violence, maternal mortality, malnutrition, death etc…is NOT being born a girl…

TED a nonprofit that shares Big visions from true innovators in Technology, Entertainment, and Design, recently had the TEDWomen Conference in Washington D.C. Amazing women from all over the globe coming together to share their ideas, realities, and solutions on how to reshape the world. Check out what Hilary Clinton (U.S. Secretary of State) had to say on Empowering Girls – video.