threads of our fabric

Reflections on navigating between two cultures and understanding the self-awareness process

Webbestre December 25, 2010

Sharon Asonganyi (Cameroon): A smile on my face and music in my spirit will be your first impression. Consistent in idealism and radiating positivity. An advocate for self-love always. My life is tied to two continents. I was born in Cameroon and relocated to the U.S. in 1997. Yes I am a hybrid…Rooted in traditions and culture, with a flavoring of Western influences of independence, vision, and ambition. I look forward to meeting amazing African sisters, connecting on shared interests, learning and growing from being part of this incredible experience! Meet me in the kitchen!!!



8 Responses to “Webbestre”

  1. nyivan Says:

    In your articles i discovered that we have some things in common, african culture. You made me curious after you commented on my article on african woman. I appreciate your work too and i have seen that i will too benefit from going through it sometimes. keep up.

  2. timi dara Says:

    hey sis sharon..its me timi..i luv ur website, and the african culture is so nice..luvly

  3. teamiturner Says:

    Hey sis.Sharon. Were do i find the paintings

  4. teamiturner Says:


  5. Sheritha Says:

    Can’t help but to admire our positive aspirations…

  6. nesler mbekem Says:


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