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In Pursuit of a Dream March 30, 2011

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In a few hours, I will be boarding a flight to a new but familiar destination…It has been 5 years since I was last in Africa and the present excitement is of course extremely overwhelming. As take-off day approached, my energy and joy surged tremendously! With every passing hour I would fantasize about the warmth of the sun’s heat gently caressing my face as if it were my mother’s hand welcoming me home, or the voices of street hawkers selling goods, the mouth-watering local cuisine with spices that tickled the palate, or inhaling fresh clean air and awakening to an amazing reality…this is home…

This journey is about a girl, her equipment, and a dream to enhance the quality of life of African women and girls globally. Unifying and mobilizing their wonderful attributes that will undoubtedly inspire African girls to dream, create, and live their very own realities.

Stay tuned for pictures, blogs, and yes videos of my Ugandan experience!!!….


4 Responses to “In Pursuit of a Dream”

  1. Javier Says:

    Most adventures, most stories, most lives begin with a dream. A dream of achieving something or reaching somewhere, thinking that is the end of the journey, not realizing that reaching success is the beginning of new dreams and lifelong memories. May you succeed and have wonderful memories of this journey, of this thread in the fabric of your life.

  2. Nnemus Says:

    Enjoy your trip Shar!!

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