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In the Twenty-First Century???… February 10, 2011

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For most people, gathering with friends and family to watch the Super Bowl is an age-old typical American football tradition. Oftentimes, viewers can be categorized into one of three fan camps: 1) Those who support one of the two teams playing, 2) those whose team was eliminated at some point during the play-offs, or 3) those who are avid fans of the exclusive over-priced commercial premiers. Of the 111Million viewers, I was one of several cheering on my Steelers (yes I said it!),  hoping and silently praying for a victorious conclusion to a shaky start.

Along with the atypical heightened excitement during the Super Bowl weekend, cities hosting the Big Game often experience an exponential boost in local economy from temporary visitors’ increased consumer spending.

There is another activity that often goes unheard off, yet contributes to the cities’ coffers. I had no knowledge till I happen to land on MSNBC’s “Trafficked: Slavery in America“. There is a new kind of resurgence of slavery in America – Sex Trafficking. The Super Bowl actually is a magnet for its propagation. Check out the I’m Not Buying It campaign that is raising awareness of the trafficking of America’s children. It is shocking to think that there are minors in the mix of Traffick 911’s estimated 15,000 sex-workers in Dallas.  

Want more information or wondering how you can help? Please visit Not For Sale: End Human Trafficking and Slavery.

Preserve innocence and help children be just that…children…

Children Laughing – Benin

3 Responses to “In the Twenty-First Century???…”

  1. […] to look back at previous posts. It is almost a year since my post on Human Trafficking (Click Here) and the issue is still as critical today. Here is an interesting fundraiser in the DC-MD-VA area […]

  2. We would like to use this picture as a gift card for our donor.

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