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Reflections on navigating between two cultures and understanding the self-awareness process

He said what?!?…The other side weighs in! January 29, 2011

If you search in facebook African Girl Development you will land on the page I have been managing since the beginning of 2011 – African Girl Development in the U.S. Everyday I pose thought provoking questions geared towards one of the following themes:  the African woman’s identity, engaging the youth in African Affairs, and my current initiatives to empower young African ladies.

One of the discussion topics in my kitchen was “Definition of an African Woman”. Who is an African Woman? What comes to mind when you hear these words?

Here is the response from an African brother:

“What comes to mind is a very hardworking woman, with a very powerful caring gentle spirit for the family. My mind sees a woman who sacrifices much for her family and the society, unfortunately with very little say in the happenings of her environment, almost totally controlled by reasonable and sometimes unreasonable men. Despite their work, courage, intuitive common sense, some African cultures still prevent them from going to universities, sell and force them into marriages, and do not acknowledge any reasoning and opinions from females about family and societal development.

What comes to mind is a strong woman with little to no say in world issues.”

What is your response? Do you agree or disagree? What has been your experience? Have we acquiesced with this popular definition or is  it changing?

Who am I?


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