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Reflections on navigating between two cultures and understanding the self-awareness process

African Sisters Development in America January 16, 2011

I have been working on a project called Threads of Our Fabric since July 2010. This project is capturing the diverse voices of African women and girls, both in the diaspora and in their countries of origin. Weaving common themes uncovered in their lives and weaving the threads into an African fabric print of life’s stories. Thus far, it has progressed into phase II which is creating multimedia on different topics ranging from breaking into non-traditional career industries to female violence in several African countries. In the upcoming months, I will be sharing these with you…so be sure to visit often.

I am putting together focus groups in the DC, MD, and VA areas to interact with African ladies ages 15-24 click here for more info or click on the integration tab above for more information. Oftentimes African Refugee and Immigrant services focus either on the parents or the family unit’s immediate needs such as healthcare or legal services, and the developmental needs of African youth are neglected. To ensure the long-term success of any youth, it is very important to prepare them as they negotiate their “self” identities and emerge into adulthood.

These focus groups that will occur in February 2011 will help inform programs for African Girls’ Development in the United States from a cultural perspective. It is an effort to encourage and support recently immigrated young African sisters preserve their ethnic identities, help them understand their unique transition process, and connect them with peers who have successfully adapted to America.

Will you go beyond considering sharing the flyer and information within your network? Will you be part of this GREAT movement of developing youth ambassadors and leaders? Just by sharing, you show you care about their futures….

Select participants from these focus groups will be invited to be part of the inaugural sisterhood and will experience an amazing culturally sensitive and youth tailored integration program! Featured activities will focus on three core areas: Community, Education, and Leadership.

Thank you for being part of this incredible movement. Together we CAN unite our voices and efforts to improve the quality of life for our African sisters in America. Let’s develop youth leaders tapping into the resources available in the U.S., with Africa’s issues in their minds and her future on their hearts.

Thank you!!

What does it mean to Grow up African in America?


One Response to “African Sisters Development in America”

  1. Ichelle Mayberry Says:

    I am so pleased and give thanks to come across your web site. I live in New Hampshire where we have many African Immigrant and refugee families. A handful of us Afican American sisters recently begun reaching out in our state to support and educate our African sister and children about the American culture ie: the American diet,diabetes, obesity, hypertension, education and laws and procedures. We are hosting our first workshop Feb. 26 on domestic violence and juvenile justice. Working towards a health information seminar in May. It appears that you, sisters are more established and organized. I would like to be in alliance with your organization to share experiences and materials which would be mutually beneficial in our common goal to widen the outreach to improve the quality of the lives of our African Sisters in America.

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