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Welcome!! – Enter my kitchen… January 15, 2011

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With the advent of globalization, many more opportunities to travel and seek out greener pastures are available. International mobility has increased profoundly over the past two decades. It is not atypical to find societies that are composed of high numbers of transient populations than locals or natives. Nowadays, it is fairly common to have been born in Kenya, schooled in the U.K., and now currently working in Canada.

My purpose for creating this space, your space, aka “My Kitchen” is to start crafting and cooking solution-focused conversations around a seemingly insignificant issue that emerges as a result of cultural shifts due to immigration – Identity Development.

Intended population = recently immigrated African young ladies (15 – 24yrs). Why? Do you recall your adolescence? Trying on different identities, setting future goals (at times unrealistic), interpersonal relational pressures. Now imagine adding unto this already stressed transition into young adulthood relocating to a new culture, a new language, and new societal systems. It can be overwhelming!!!

I hope you entering my kitchen will not just stop at talk, but will be an opportunity for inter-cultural education, self-reflections, and other-inspiration. Cherishing what makes us unique and helping others learn from us what is important to us…but above all helping younger African sisters become more comfortable in their own skin and more trusting of their inner voice. Guide and support them as is true of the African Woman’s nurturing spirit.

I hope you are not just stopping by but I invite you to come on in see what’s cooking and share the gift that you are… Together we can feed minds, spirits, and hearts.

© 2011 Threads of Our Fabric Project


2 Responses to “Welcome!! – Enter my kitchen…”


    Good initiative Sharon. Please keep up

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